Turbo.lua API Versioning


All modules are required in turbo.lua, so it’s enough to

local turbo = require('turbo')

All functionality is placed in the “turbo” namespace.

Module Version

The Turbo Web version is of the form A.B.C, where A is the major version, B is the minor version, and C is the micro version. If the micro version is zero, it’s omitted from the version string.

When a new release only fixes bugs and doesn’t add new features or functionality, the micro version is incremented. When new features are added in a backwards compatible way, the minor version is incremented and the micro version is set to zero. When there are backwards incompatible changes, the major version is incremented and others are set to zero.

The following constants specify the current version of the module:

Numbers specifiying the major, minor and micro versions respectively.
A string representation of the current version, e.g "1.0.0" or "1.1.0".
A 3-byte hexadecimal representation of the version, e.g. 0x010201 for version 1.2.1 and 0x010300 for version 1.3.